Friday, March 27, 2009

Chartering boats, buses and planes during the closure

WSDOT is working diligently to provide travelers options when the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge closes for approximately six weeks beginning May 1.

The water shuttle/transit service will work for many, some will use the twilight ferry between Edmonds and Port Townsend, and others will take the long way and drive around on US 101.

A number of local charter companies are working with the community to provide additional transportation.

People traveling to and from the Olympic Peninsula during the closure can take charter buses, boats and airplanes to get to their destinations. Local businesses offering charter services include:

While there are costs involved with using charter services, many of them are offering specials – directly to and from Sea-Tac for instance – to reduce the closure’s affect on travelers.

Do you plan to use the charter services being offered?


Gerald said...

Closing the bridge for six weeks is unreal.....what about the Rhody Festival in Port Townsend in May...and the Alumni Baquet on June 13...I for one will not go to either of them because of the hassle of getting there...good show stinks...surely this will mean a loss of income for many people....good show said...

While we realize six weeks is a major inconvenience for many who rely on the bridge and that our travel options won't work for everyone, we're also hoping that people will understand the necessity of the construction and the benefits it will provide for years to come.

We're working hard to keep the closure as brief as possible, even offering the contractor incentives to complete work quickly so we can open it early.

That said, replacing half of a 1.5-mile long bridge and two trusses that weigh a combined 3.2 million pounds is no small undertaking. There is no way to complete this work without closing the bridge.

The Olympic Peninsula is still open for business, but getting there won't be easy. We're urging that people plan ahead and familiarize themselves with the travel options.

Sick and Tired said...

Just another example of government working for us. For those of you who still believe big government is the answer THINK AGAIN. They could give a crap less about us "we the people." I actually considered buying a bike since big government wants us to go "green" but our government planners are only allowing 5 friggin bikes on the boat. Congrats to the genius’s that did the great planning.

Anonymous said...

Out of the Blue Aviation based out of Arlington, WA will be providing cargo and passenger flights in the greater Puget Sound area. Our state-of-the-art aircraft will provide convenient and comfortable travel. For more information please call 360-474-1060 or visit:

Thank you,

Cathy Mighell