Friday, March 6, 2009

Tracking the trusses

While thousands of people who rely on the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge daily are getting ready and counting down the days until May 1, when the bridge closes for six weeks, it’s also a great idea to check in and see how construction is progressing.

Today, the first of two new trusses is being towed 352 miles from Oregon Iron Works in Vancouver, Wash. to Port Gamble near the bridge site.

The west truss, which will connect the bridge’s floating pontoons to a land-based roadway approach in Jefferson County, departed early this morning and is scheduled to arrive in Port Gamble Bay on Saturday, March 7.

You can track the truss and watch its progress by visiting

The east truss is scheduled to depart from Vancouver on March 20 and – weather permitting – arrive March 23.

The trusses are huge. They measure approximately 280-feet long, 70-feet wide and 40-feet tall – making it almost 100 feet longer than a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The steel trusses weigh approximately 1.4 million pounds each – outweighing four 787 Dreamliners by a whopping 150,000 pounds.

What do you think of them?


Anonymous said...

I've searched the entire website and can't find the GPS tracker of the the trusses. Can someone point it out for me? said...

The trusses arrived in Port Gamble Bay on March 7. The GPS tracking occurred from March 6-7, so that Web site function ended when they got to the bay.

However, this is the first of two trusses being shipped from Oregon Iron Works. If you missed this one, you can track the east truss on our Web site later this month.