Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Water shuttle/transit services resume

TRAVEL ALERT, 6 a.m., May 6: Service is operating on the Lofall-South Point water shuttle route across the Hood Canal and on connecting transit runs. Please call 5-1-1 for updates.


Anonymous said...

You need a better system for deciding when to close the foot ferry and how to communicate when it reopens. Its now 6:55 and there is no word yet on the 7:30 sailing. You need to make decisions at least 45 minutes before each sailing and post them.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the early warning on the shuttle service closure. Now that it's 7:20 am another update would be appropriate. Your blog said hourly reevaluations. Please continue to keep us informed.

chag said...

I am trapped between kingston and the bridge and operating under deadline. Can i count on a boat sailing post 230? Please update travelers with current information so we can make informed decisions for our afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Update on passenger ferry?

library08 said...

Please keep the updates regarding the water shuttle coming frequently.

As the other comments indicate, we are hardpressed for options.

irwinj@wsdot.wa.gov said...

The latest news is that we're evaluting service between 2-3 p.m. and will make a determination by 3 p.m. today, May 5. As soon as we know, we'll post the information. Thanks for hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

If you say you will give hourly updates...ten do give us the hourly update.

Anonymous said...

Where and when did WSDOT announce that boats were canceled Monday evening? Never saw an email alert in advance - only a mention Tuesday morning.

And it's 6:05 p.m. Tuesday and no update yet on whether boats are running?

Anonymous said...

If the boats are used to going to Victoria, why couldn't they handle the wind and waves in the canal?

The Geezer said...

Hey, anon above (May6, 8:20)has a great point.

These boats go out in open water much rougher than the canal.

Is this more of the nanny state that Adamson admitted to?

And why don't you tell us why you need a private boat crew, and a WSF boat crew, both?

Oh, yeah, WA is the home of the featherbed.

Geezer OUT!!!

irwinj@wsdot.wa.gov said...

I asked the same question about the water shuttles.

Why can't they make the crossing here when they can go between Seattle and Victoria on a regular basis?

The bad weather that hit the Hood Canal earlier this week, came from the southeast. Because the canal runs north to south, and the docks go east and west, it created unsafe conditions for cross-canal travel and especially for docking.

I lived in Hansville in Kitsap County on the canal side and used to watch the weather punch through the area like a huge fist. White caps, downed trees and power outages were the norm.

In 4-foot seas on smaller vessels, you're supposed to turn into the waves. With the travel path and the weather we had, we were unable to do this, so we did the safest thing we could and canceled the service.

The Geezer said...

And, the double crewing?
Wassup with that?

The Geezer

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone complaining? Things happen folks. Chill and go with the flow. Let your frustrations out some other way instead of placing blame on others. The bridge project is more than likely going to be completed earlier than planned. Be thankful you have an option to cross Hood Canal.