Friday, May 22, 2009

Hood Canal Bridge may open a week earlier than anticipated

Good things are everywhere. The sun is shining, the long holiday weekend is starting and the Hood Canal Bridge may open a week earlier than anticipated. After four years of being asked "Do you think you will get the work done early?" it feels really good to finally be able to say "yes".

We don't know exactly when the bridge will re-open yet because there are several critical, weather-dependant work elements we need to still accomplish, including the Q/R joining operations this weekend. On Monday will we take another look at the work accomplished and what is left to do and share another "re-opening date" update. For now, my advice is this: If you have an appointment across Hood Canal on or after June 8, check your route before you go.

So get out there and enjoy the sunny water shuttle ride across the canal, knowing that this too will not last forever (or even six weeks).

-Becky Hixson


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update, as someone who has to deal with moving out of a college housing situation by June 13, it is good to hear that there is a possibility that I won't have to drive around the canal to get my belongings where they need to be.

Anonymous said...

Will the SR 104 fish passage project be completed in time for early bridge opening?

Anonymous said...

Bahhh who are you trying to fool? It looks like TWO weeks early to me! June 1st is what I am betting. Crack that whip! Mushhhh MUSHHH I SAY!

Mike in DiscoBay

Tim Flanagan said...

Yay! Great coverage, by the way. My readers have indicated to me how helpful it has been.

Jamie Swift said...

In response to the question about the SR 104 culvert project, we have some great news: The roadway is already paved, striped and ready for traffic.

Our plan to take advantage of the bridge closure and complete the culvert project concurrently was successful.