Monday, May 25, 2009

Plan ahead for busy travel on alternate routes

Heading out the door today on your way to or from the Olympic Peninsula, please use extra care when you hit the roads.

It's Memorial Day and that usually means traffic jams. Roads to and from the peninsula (US 101, SR 3 and SR 16) have been busier than usual with the bridge closure, and will experience even higher volumes throughout the day as people head home.

Aside from gassing up the car, and making sure you have snacks and water on hand, there are a few other things you can do before you go:

* Call 1-877-595-4222 for trip-planning help
* View Hood Canal area traffic cameras
* Download the transportation options map at
* Subscribe to e-mail updates and text messaging updates at

On the road:

* Tune to the following stations for Highway Advisory Radio

Kitsap County * SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge – 530 AM
* SR 104 Kingston – 1610 AM

Jefferson County * SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge – 530 AM
* US 101/SR 20 – 1580 AM

Clallam County * US 101/SR 113 – 1580 AM
* US 101/SR 112 – 1580 AM

Thurston County * US 101/Mud Bay Road – 530 AM

* Pay attention to electronic readerboard signs
* Call 511 for traffic information


Anonymous said...

in an earlier post about the bridge opening early, you said that a new update would be done today, Monday, what time will that update be? Also, when will they update the list of things that are completed along with the dates. said...

We're presently discussing the latest progress with our construction manager and should have something a little later today (not sure on the exact time).

The list of milestones is current, we'll add the dates in as soon as the work listed is completed.

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job in a pareticularily difficult arena, Especially dealling with the randomly violent public. I think that it was a good plan to give people a chance to turn towards the bridge to have the ETC. explained to them but it defenitly put the prssure on you and your help to guide people on their way. If you have it in your heart to treat the last person as you did the first you should consider it a day well spent.