Monday, May 11, 2009

Project focus shifts to reassembly work

The old east half of the Hood Canal Bridge is gone and WSDOT is ready to bring in the new east half.

Tugs departed Hood Canal just prior to noon today, May 11 with the final piece of the old east half in tow. The 770-foot roadway section will be replaced early Tuesday morning with a 943-foot-long pontoon section that is currently moored in Port Gamble Bay.

Due to weather delays, crews are now scheduled to get a jump early Wednesday morning to move the new three-football-fields-long section from Port Gamble. This is occurring for a couple of reasons, both related to tidal conditions.

Port Gamble is a shallow channel, so setting sea at high tide is ideal. The early morning move also allows tugs to escort the new pontoon section into the canal with the help of an incoming tide.

So, it's out with the old and in with the new. You should get your first view of the first installed section of the new bridge tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

See the latest project photos at Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Any time set for moving the new bridge piece Tues a.m.? We live nr Hood head & want to watch it, if possible. said...

It could be with the early tide. About 4 a.m. or so. Not sure what you'll be able to see. The work is weather-dependent, so we'll see what Mother Nature has in store.

Anonymous said...

On Whidbey, Monday evening, we watched the old truss head north through Admiralty Inlet. It was huge! Where is it going? said...

The truss might have started up past Foulweather Bluff in Hansville, Kitsap County, but it was taken south to either Seattle or Tacoma for disassembly and salvage operations.