Sunday, May 24, 2009

Testing new draw span requires noon to 4 p.m. closure of marine channel today (May 24)

Attention marine travelers: Boaters will NOT be able to travel through the channel between noon and 4 p.m. today, May 24. Crews working on the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge project are testing the new draw span. (More information for mariners)


Anonymous said...

I think the PR on this project is unparalleled and that is meant in a good way. The fact that some people aren't aware of the project speaks more about the limited amount of news awareness today rather than reflect on the efforts to inform the public on this project.

Robert W said...

For having squandered $162,000,000 in Port Angeles, it would be nice if the WSDOT did something right but...

The last time I checked PR does NOT move any freight or people.

And strangely enough, the bridge being built to bypass Hoover Dam apparently does not have the security concerns that prevented live photos from HCB. said...

I respectfully disagree.

PR actually does move freight and people.

We let people know what their travel options are. Imagine having no PR on the project at all... How would people even know that the bridge was closed, or how they could get around during the closure?

The security concerns have more to do with the Navy submarine base at Bangor than the project. Making sure those vessels can pass through the opened bridge unimpeded and unannounced is a matter national security.

Anonymous said...

I think the PR on this project is great, and really appreciate the constant updates.

The one thing I can't find is vidoe of the draw span testing. I see the other videos but I'm curious how the new section will actually work. is there a plan to put video of the span operating on the website anywhere?

Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!